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About us

You are reading Natàlia Rabert Trapé, the manager and person in charge of this loving project that has the purpose of offering articles to the entire family that have been manufactured and created to be in harmony with the environment.

The main purpose with Tropic Gallery platform is to offer style hand in hand with sustainability at all times.

Personally, I grew up in a country area within the Osona region and the province of Barcelona. My parents allowed me to create a close relationship with nature and animals, I loved playing all day in nature and was also very creative. My maternal grandparents have been artists and farmers all their lives and they shared with me the love for what is natural and creative around us. For their part, my paternal grandparents taught me the values ​​and energy in starting a business.

In my adolescence i studied Fine Arts, but apart from dedicating myself to my pictorial and photographic passion, I worked in various fields such as early childhood education and fashion manufacturing and sales. I was intermittently traveling through South America, South Asia and Europe, I also collaborated with non-governmental organizations during some time intervals between my studies in Barcelona. Actually i combine my works and hobbies, like art and yoga, with taking care of animals that were abandonded one time, we have a small and familiar animal shelter at home.

All experience gave me aptitude and concern to create this sustainable fashion platform.

Over time, I have come to realize that there are few things as important as preserving the environment. Above all, this present moment, of worldwide confinement due to biological problems, has led me to become more aware than ever that we must take care of what surrounds us. At stake is our present and our future, and the future of those to come, and the fashion and cosmetics industry are two of the most damaging to the environment ...

We love kids and adults fashion and looking for clothes and products that are made with conscience, patience, love, cure and wit, and we look forward to sharing this love with you.

We would like with this project to change a little the vision of fashion, since every day there are more companies betting on sustainability, and sustainable can be (and is) synonymous with stylish, modernity and progress.

Natàlia Rabert Trapé
Founder and director at Tropic Gallery