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The Modern Capsule - Cossac ss21

Sophisticated, feminine, timeless & honed with a sustainable ethos

SS21 returns to slow pace & the art of making, appealing to women who value longevity in an increasingly fast-paced world. As the dialogue around a modern Capsule Wardrobe continues to evolve, so does our aesthetic, resulting in a story with a soft, feminine feel that is perfect for both summer lounge & smartwear.

Basics become more special; through details, more tactile fabrics, relaxed layering & a neutral palette. Tiers, volumes & gathers create a romantic mood across all products. We opt for simple flowy dresses & jumpsuits, lightweight overcoats, boxy blazers & fluid tops, full-size skirting & louche, comfortable trousers.

We finesse the essentials by creating products with built-in value, focusing on quality materials & perfect fits that offer a timeless sensibility.SS21 colours are inspired by the muted & earthy tones. We combine neutrals with soft pastel hues to deliver a palette apt for many seasons to come. Our soft haze abstract tie-dye print is inspired by water reflections. We focus on pastel tones of watercolour washes which are versatile enough to work across all product types. We opt for subtle slubby, natural textures, sustainable fabrics & innovative materials to appeal to modern, changing lifestyles.

Our new SS21 collection sees versatile products which are comfortable but fashion-forward enough to venture out in, resulting in loungewear and basics receiving commercial luxury treatment.

Our garments become more elevated going hand in hand with the continued importance of self-care; seeing rise in products that feature performance qualities through special protective fabric finishings & smart versatile designs; qualities that extend beyond comfort to boost health and beauty.

‘The Modern Capsule’ is minimalism, but not as we know it; we begin to strip back our wardrobe to focus on less, but better. We see the art of simplifying evolve with a deeper, more emotional heart & soul.

Fashion direction: Agata N. Kozak

Photography: Erea Azurmendi

Model: Sabrina Lam

Location: Madrid ♡ 

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